This is another article from the Priština Jedinstvo, about the mutual aid of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo. The article talks about the relations between these two groups in the 1970s in the village of Vrbovac in Kosovsko Pomoravlje:


Vrbovac, a village of some six hundred households, is located six kilometers from Kosovska Vitina. The village is old, with a lot of old traditions, and the best of those, as the locals themselves say, is the tradition of brotherly relations among Albanians and Serbs, who for centuries have shared the good and the bad.

– There are no differences among us, – Every Serb speaks Albanian, and every Albanian speaks Serbo-Croatian, says Sinan Rexhepi, an employee in the local government office in Vrbovac. – You look at the children in the school, in the yard, in the street, no one can tell their nationality by the way they talk. The young learned from their parents to use both languages.

There are several people sitting in the local government office. An old man by the name of Haki Maksuti from Ljubište and Stanko Đurić from Mogila are talking, switching between Serbian and Albanian every couple of minutes.


– We are really lucky to have this heritage of, as they say, brotherhood and unity – says Sinan. We’ve had this unity since before the war and even earlier. A lot of older people are still living, they can testify to that. And our young people are good. We often reprimand these children, and we are not always right. Sometimes we’re not able to give them everything they ask for.


Source: S. Kostić, „Bratstvo je naše najveće bogatstvo”, Jedinstvo: organ SSRN Kosova, br. 17, Priština, 1. 3. 1976, p. 10.


Image courtesy of aleksandarmiletic | MALI VELIKI LJUDI

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