The story of the friendship that grew into a ritual blood-brotherhood of a Serb and Albanian drivers employed by Dečani municipality was published by Pristina newspaper Jedinstvo in 1973. Here are the most characteristic points from the report:

You will always find the two dedicated middle-aged workers together, except while driving. And this time we found them at the table of a Dečane cafe, having a fraternal conversation over coffee. Danilo is the driver of the president of the Municipal Assembly, and Ćerim is the driver of the president of OK SK. They met thirteen years ago when Ćerim came to work as a driver, and Danilo was already working there. Everyday work brought them closer, and then they start liking each other like brothers. They just didn’t separate from each other. And then came that real long-awaited moment. Danilo suggested to Ćerim that they become brothers, which he accepted. Then Danilo said: “since I don’t have a brother, from now on you are my only and real brother”, and then there was real joy. Blood was drunk. The blood that came from Danilo and Ćerim. Blood that does not flow through other people’s veins, it is now mixed, because it has become one. […] Their example became a symbol of brotherhood and unity, a symbol that a brother can be acquired even when his mother does not give birth to him. Today, even the youngest child in Decani knows them; he knows them by that, and he knows them to be the best drivers in the municipality. […]

Source: V. Simonović, “Workers have become blood-brothers”, Jedinstvo no. 102, December 21, 1973, p. 7.






Image courtesy of Aleksandar Miletic

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