Sanja Zlatanović asked some of her female Serbian respondents to describe Albanian houses and the way they live (look, cleanliness, diet). All the comments were highly positive: the houses are clean, Albanian women are excellent housewives, skilled in embroidery and other handicrafts, etc. A respondent born in 1980 in Gjilane said that her mother commented:

When my mom goes there, she keeps saying, ‘Good God, everything is so clean, so white.’ And she is always thrilled. ‘Good God, everything is so shiny.’ She says, ‘I don’t know if that woman does anything else but clean’! Well, they’re pretty clean. We have some neighbors, they just clean all day. That woman would stay up until two or three in the morning – cleaning! And she maintains everything regularly, to two or three at night, so she working herself to death.

Izvor: Sanja Zlatanović, Etnička identifikacija na posleratnom području: srpska zajednica jugoistočnog Kosova, Etnografski institut SANU, Beograd, 2018, str. 315.

Image courtesy of aleksandarmiletic | MALI VELIKI LJUDI

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