Tesstimonies about March violence in Kosovo 2004 collected by FHP include also the information about interethnic relations after those events. A Serb B.D., returnee to the village of Biča/Binxha in the Klina municipality spoke about this issue. The interview was conducted by FHP on 10th July 2004: 

Albanians come to see us, especially those with whom we were on good terms before March, but still secretly. A funny thing happened once. An Albanian couple came to visit with me and, shortly afterwards, another Albanian arrived on my doorstep. I knew I couldn’t let him in because he would have seen the couple already inside. Also, they would have seen him coming to visit with a Serb. Everybody is afraid of being informed on by everybody else. I had to apologize and say I was too busy to have coffee with him then, and ask him to come back a couple of hours later. To my guests inside, I said a Serb had come to ask me to go over to his place later on to help him with something or other. After a while, the couple left and the Albanian whom I hadn’t let in dropped by again for coffee.

A Serb M. O. from Belo Polje/Bellopojë in Peć municipality spoke about the same topic in the interview given to FHP on 4th June 2004. Socialization with Serbs became so  undesirable that they could only communicate secretly: 

I must say that some Albanians come to see us, but only in secret, never with anybody else because they are afraid of something bad happening to them. So, when they go through the village with other Albanians, they ignore us.

Image courtesy of aleksandarmiletic | MALI VELIKI LJUDI

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